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Levy Solutions Ltd origin

Levy Solutions Ltd was founded by Ed Williams an EX-CITB employee.

The team has a deep knowledge of levy and grant matters. We work with companies that turnover range from £1m up to £500m.

No matter what type of construction company you are, there is probably room to either reduce the levy and or increase grants.


Our Services

We have developed a blend of solutions to address your CITB challenges

CITB Grants

Levy Solutions works in partnership with clients to design in-house training programmes.

A well designed training program will maximise CITB grants, whilst addressing the skill gaps.

Ensuring that grants are maximised goes a long way to offsetting the levy. Potentially, eliminating its drag on profitability.   


Some companies are incorrectly registered with CITB and paying the levy.

On a no-win-no fee basis Levy Solutions will undertake an analysis of your business to determine if it is correctly registered, for the purpose of paying the CITB levy.

If there is a case to de-register from the CITB, Levy Solutions will expertly manage your case.


Just as important as claiming grants is a successful CITB verification.

A failed verification due to non-compliant records will result in grants being clawback or increased levy liabilities.

If you are a client of Levy Solutions, we will facilitate your verifications.

CITB Levy can range from 5% to 30% of net profits ​

The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) was established in 1964. Since then, the construction industry has been paying the CITB levy.

The levy is a percentage of wage costs and is not in proportion to net profit.

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Edward Williams


Michael Lordan

Delivery Director - CMIOSH

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